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Spirit XBU55 Upright Bike


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Retail Price:$1,199.00
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Part Number:PID60
Durable, comfortable, and smooth are all qualities of the XBU55 fitness bike. Easy adjustments, a cooling fan, high density foam seat, challenging programs, 20 levels of resistance, and a bright LCD display are all standard. We believe that making a quality fitness bike should not require sacrificing comfort or convenience. That is why we designed the XBU55 to stand up to the rigors of everyday exercise, while also providing a smooth ride and extensive data feedback. It was also designed to keep all adjustments convenient and provide you with real time workout monitoring. We know that these features and those listed below will help you track and meet your long term fitness goals. 
  • Ratcheting seat post allows for quick adjustments 
  • A bright blue back lit LCD console offers a multitude of feedback data, 
  • Included wireless telemetric heart rate chest strap is ideal for monitoring exercise intensity. 
  • A muscle activation figure that shows which areas are being targeted. 
  • A heart rate bar graph that makes it easier to maintain your heart rate zone. 
  • An audio jack and speakers for personal entertainment. 
  • Storage area for organization.

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